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Our Office provides superior patient care.

We strive to help our patients retain their natural teeth for a lifetime.  Our team places a high priority on attending to each of our patient's comfort, emergency needs, and follow-up care.  An extensive medical history, dental history, and pre-treatment diagnostic protocol is standard to insure that each of our patients receive the most appropriate and thorough treatment.  We also perform thorough follow-up and recall examinations when necessary.

We believe that our office plays an essential and integral part in each of our patient's dental health.  We can only accomplish this by being part of a team led by the general dentists and supported by specialists when called upon.  Our office works closely with the referring dentist's team to provide our patients with the best care possible.  We appreciate the confidence that your dentist has shown in us by referring you to our office for your endodontic treatment.  Upon completion of treatment in our practice, we will send the appropriate reports and records back to your dentist for your continued care.

Why we are different
  • The OPERATING MICROSCOPE provides us with the opportunity to treat cases with a high degree of predictability and success.
  • DIGITAL IMAGING reduces radiation exposure by up to 70%-90% over conventional film-based techniques, and it is instant.
  • The latest proven endodontic instrumentation and techniques are used in your treatment.
  • We incorporate the latest techniques in sterilization and cross-
    infection control fulfilling all current guidelines.
  • COMMUNICATION between the referring doctor, the patient and the endodontist is of prime importance.  Our digital software allows us to seamlessly integrate images captured from the microscope and digital cameras to our computer.  From here, we can create digital slide shows to educate our patients of their unique anatomy.  Our software also allows us to communicate via email to the patient and referring doctor and also allows selected and secure information to be viewed almost instantly.  Our patients can view any upcoming appointments and register online before their appointment after obtaining their personal WEB ID and password.