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Interesting Cases

Snagging the Big One

Snagging the Big One written by: David M. Reeves, DDS, CAGS   I just completed treatment of this tooth yesterday and got kind of excited about the palatal anatomy. So I thought second molars would be a good topic. The palatal canal anatomy of maxillary second molars can be very interesting and exciting at times. Particularly when your…

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Rare Creatures

Rare Creatures written by: Randall J. Iwasiuk, DDS   Three canal maxillary second premolars are quite uncommon . They occur in 0.66-1.0% (1) of maxillary second premolars, depending on whom you believe. As you can see they can be tricky to discern in pre-operative radiographs. As always good radiographs are a prerequisite to anticipating factors that may complicate…

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Tricky Anatomy of Mandibular First Molars

Tricky Anatomy of Mandibular First Molars written by: David M Reeves, DDS, CAGS   In this email I thought a little refresher on the anatomy of the mandibular first molar would be exciting. It becomes even more exciting when some anatomy is missed. A classic study on root canal morphology (Skidmore and Bjorndal, 1971 Oral Surg)…

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