Our Technology

Advanced Technology

The latest proven endodontic instrumentation and techniques are used in your treatment.

We incorporate the latest techniques in sterilization and cross-infection control fulfilling all current guidelines.


Waterlase - Laser Dentistry

The Benefits of Waterlase Dentistry

MORE COMFORTABLE Waterlase Dentistry is a kinder, faster, more effective alternative for traditional endodontic therapy. Working deep into the dentinal tubules, Waterlase uses laser energy and a gentle spray of water that cleans and kills bacteria (up to 96%) decreasing the use of harsh chemicals providing a more holistic approach.

FASTER TREATMENT Working deep into the dentinal tubules to kill bacteria decreasing the use of medicinal irrigation, Waterlase achieves a significant reduction in bacterial counts in only three minutes compared to 20-30 minutes for conventional treatment.

FASTER RECOVERY Waterlase Dentistry is minimally invasive with greater efficacy, and more promising long-term results helping to reduce retreatment risk. Patients treated with Waterlase typically recover quicker and report less pain.


Operating Microscope

The OPERATING MICROSCOPE provides us with the opportunity to treat cases with a high degree of predictability and success.


Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging reduces radiation exposure by up to 70%-90% over conventional film-based techniques, and it is instant.


3D Imaging (CBCT)

Our office uses the latest 3D technology. When we use this type of CT scan, we can work better to give you improved diagnoses, treatment planning, and prognosis.  With this technology, we can visualize any tooth from multiple angles with extreme accuracy.  This machine features one of the highest 3D image resolutions available. Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans are only taken when necessary, and they provide a multitude of benefits, including superior quality and maximum patient safety.

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TDO Software

We use TDO Software as it is considered the best endodontic software available. It is used to manage all patient records and information and has comprehensive modules that make our office paperless, a great convenience for our patients and referring dentists.  The website integration allows our patients to securely access the site to complete the medical history and consent forms online before their appointment. The software allows our referring dentists to make referral and receive their patients’ reports and imaging through secured HIPAA compliant portal right after the patient is seen.  This technology enables us to diagnose and treat our patients more efficiently and to communicate more effectively with both the patient and referring doctor that is secured and HIPAA compliant.


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